Personal Karate

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Karate NYC :   Karate City is the premiere school for children’s karate and childhood development. The after-school and weekend karate program runs from a new location in brand new facilities of HudsonWay Immersion School in 525 West 52nd Street New York, New York 10019.

The child: This exciting program presents a rare opportunity for your children to experience pioneering methodologies that go far beyond Olympic karate and self-defense. Using sports science, coaching, and neuropsychology, we grow more balanced children, connected to their emotions, their mind & body, and their surroundings. Children perform better in school, improve their behavior, and better find their place in the family.

The roadmap: Our structured Olympic karate training program compounds training to help children grow healthier, happier, and able to grasp more opportunities, in their life. Your child will learn not to be afraid to fail, which helps build confidence to improve their skills further. Karate skills progress quickly with classes twice per week.

The facilities: The beautiful pristine-environment has every amenity tailored for children of 2.5-13 years. These facilities include miniature toilets designed for children, new furniture, and high-quality teaching aids and equipment. From these facilities, we will help to build a stronger community.

The family: Karate isn’t solely for your child. Parents can be a great example to their children by participating in the activities with their children. This is valuable for yourself and will improve your quality of life. In addition to family karate classes, there are adults self-defense, women-only self-defense, and adult weightloss classes.

The instructors: The top instructors in the world guide the pioneering child-centric Olympic Karate program. The lessons take place in small groups and use the latest sports science teaching methods, developing your child’s body, behavior, educational acumen, and respect.

Join the program: Our core programs include toddler small group classes, kids small group classes, and youth small group classes. You can pay using PayPal and HWIS students will be offered a 10% discount on tuition. Receive this rebate within 3 days of purchase. Personal Karate