AwesomeFest was Awesome

AwesomeFest was Awesome

AwesomeFest… Whoa, yeah. I don’t know where to begin!

We Scandinavians are spoilt creatures, we have multiple Gatebil events during the year, and Gatebil has been the event to be at for many years now. On this side of the planet. Not anymore, now AwesomeFest is in the mix and a true contender. Sure, this was the first babystep the Driftworks crew have made at arranging this sort of big-scale event. I can safely say they did a fantastic job! I am definitely counting this as one of the must-go-to events for 2012!

So here’s the video of my first ever weekend at Mallory Park, for the first ever AwesomeFest. Although you’ve probably already watched it before you read this. Hope you liked it!

Thanks a lot to Floyd Parsons for additional footage and Al Clark for being an amazing chase-car driver!

Camera: Canon 7D + Contour GPS’

Songs: What’s Golden — Jurassic 5, Cassius — The Sound Of Violence (Tha Trickaz Remix) , Worst Comes To Worst — D